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Railroad Diagram Generator
Generiert Syntaxdiagramme zu einer Grammatik in EBNF
Entwickler Gunther Rademacher
Status Aktive Weiterentwicklung
Letzte Aktualisierung 16.05.2016
Sprachen Englisch
Betriebssysteme Mac OS, Windows, Linus, iOS, Android
Plattform Web
Lizenz Frei
Schlagwörter EBNF, Grammatik, Kontextfreie Grammatik, Diagramm, Syntaxdiagramm
Verwandte Schlagwörter

This is a tool for creating syntax diagrams, also known as railroad diagrams, from context-free grammars specified in EBNF. Syntax diagrams have been used for decades now, so the concept is well-known, and some tools for diagram generation are in existence. The features of this one are